About our founder

About the founder of Lux Delight | Chantal

Hi there!

I am here to tell you a little about myself.
I am a wife, a homeschooling mom, and a soap maker.

My journey of soap making started 2 years ago. My parents always made soap when I was a child, but I never in a million years thought that I myself would be making soap. Not that I didn't like it, but I just never gave it a thought. This all started out because my son and I have very sensitive skin. I tried so many different products, and nothing worked out. For years, I've been washing my face with water only and having to constantly look for body soaps that my skin can handle.

Until one day I stumbled on a video of a lady on YouTube making soap and teaching how to do it. This was the beginning. I was so interested and I started doing all sorts of research. I bought books. I watched so many different soap makers making soap, I watched Ann Marie's Videos of Soap Queen TV. Over and over again until I finally got the courage to try it myself. And here I am today, after two years of research, and soap making, and recipe tailoring to suit the different skin types from dry, to oily, to sensitive, finally, I feel confident that my soaps are a great quality that not only my family and I can enjoy, but everyone else too.

I care about you, and about your skin health, because like some of you I suffered from eczema, some of my family members suffered from acne. I make no medical claims, but I know that the products that I am making, are products that your skin will love!

I am a high achiever. I will not stop at soap making. I wish to be able to make all sorts of skin-loving products in the future, from lotions to shampoos, to body butters, etc... Because I know like me, many of you are looking for healthier alternatives of skin products, and I hope to be able to provide these healthier alternatives for you.

A little history about me

I was born in Lebanon during the civil war. God protected me and my family and kept us safe through many hardships. My parents worked very hard to raise their 5 kids. They sent us all to college through their hard work and gave us a great education.

I graduated with a BS degree in Computer Science. I then met the love of my life, and I came to the United States to marry him. We now have 2 beautiful kids who give us much joy in our life. We love to serve God, by loving and serving others. I find that making soaps and skin care products is one of those ways that I can share my talents with others so that they can benefit from it.