About us

How was Lux Delight born?

A gift of love for your skin - I create so you can relax and rejuvenate

After many years of suffering with dry skin and eczema, trying every product on the store shelves and seeing no results, sometimes even worsening my case, and then seeing my little boy suffer with the same skin condition, I decided to take action. I wanted to create skin care products that would promote health to my skin and my family's skin, and to give us a beautiful, soft, silky, and healthy skin that I have always desired to have.

This is when Lux Delight was born. I sat on my computer for hours and days, researching. I spent multiple hours and days reading soap and cosmetics books, all this to learn to create the perfect products for every skin type out there. I took what I have learned, and started with making soaps. I saw amazing results on my skin, and on my family members' skin. The chase was on. I wanted to make more, learn more, and produce amazing products for every one of you. Lux Delight is a love story for every skin out there that wants to feel happy, healthy, rejuvenated, and hydrated. For every skin that wants to feel young and lovely.

Many of you may suffer with the same skin conditions or different ones, and that is why I am here to create products for you so you don't have to worry anymore, and so that your skin can live the happily ever after that you have always dreamt that it should have.

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